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Flutter/Magic Fields

Magic Fields is a fork of Flutter that is open source GPL and seems to have more active development going on.  It also seems to be much more streamlined and simplified.  It doesn’t have all of the features of Flutter, but I didn’t know what those features were anyway and wasn’t using them.  I switched to it for these reasons and in hopes that it would fix a problem I’m having.

The problem is that posts created outside of the Flutter write panels do not appear inside of that panels “Manage” pane, nor do posts on write panels that have no custom fields.  Two of the panels had no custom fields, and some items were not added with the write panel at all, so the “manage” panels were not working for us.  I discovered that Flutter associates its custom fields with posts in a particular table, and the “manage” pane only shows items in that table.

Moving to Magic Fields, I thought it might fix this.  They provide a script to move all panels and items from Flutter, which made that easy.  Unfortunately, the plugin still uses the same method of populating the “manage” panes, and so didn’t fix my problem at all.

I really just want that pane to have all items from the related category, whether they have populated custom fields or not, whether they were added through the write panel or the posts panel.  I may have to modify the plugin to make this happen.  Otherwise, I will have to somehow craft a script to find unassociated items from a given category, insert a custom field with the relevant name for that type, and then insert the cross-reference row.  That would be a complicated affair and would do nothing for new items created after the script is run.  But I am worried that not having an associated field set in the database will cause problems when those items are displayed.  We’ll see what I can manage and have time for.


This plugin was recommended by Kevin Behrens, maker of Role Scoper.  It allows removal of panels and individual items from the admin section based on role/group.  So far, I only have used it to remove the “Add New” pane of the posts section, but I think it will allow me to remove the HTML tab from TinyMCE as well as a few other things to clean up the interface for the Stearns folk.  The easier we make it for them, the better.

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9 thoughts on “Stearns: Flutter now Magic Fields, Adminimize”

  1. Hello

    i’m part of the Magic Fields team and i looked into the bug to you talked about on this post

    The good new is to the bug to you talked is already fixed since the 1.2 version.

    The bad new is to all the posts already created with a writepanel without fields with Flutter the reference with the write panel is broke so although you migrate from Flutter to Magic Fields all the posts already created with a writepanel without fields will not be appear in the “manage” post if these write panel.

    But all the new posts created with write panels without custom fields will be related successfully with the “manage” page of these write panel in Magic Fields.

  2. Hi my name is Edgar (hunk) one of the developers of Magic Fields.

    in version 1.2 we have corrected the error of relation of write panel when there are no fields. now already you can have post created with write panel without fields

    I have created following script which adds to the reference of write panel to post created under a category.

    you only must place ID of the category and ID of write panel.

    1. Hi, I am using version 1.2 and this problem still exists. I imported 3 write panels and:

      – 1 worked straight off
      – 1 needed me to disable the required field option
      – and the last won’t display any posts in the ‘manage’ screen but is still displaying them all on wordpress without the field values.

      Where exactly do I include the script that you provided please?

      1. Hunk’s script is standalone, you can put it in the wordpress root directory (with the paths as set up) and then visit the url of that file.

        As I recall, the fix in Magic Fields only applies to newly created items, not to ones from before an upgrade, so you’d need to run the script first, then afterwards you’d be fine.

        I thought Magic Fields was up at 1.3.1.

  3. Ah thanks guys. Good that the items without custom fields thing is fixed. I will give that script a try. It looks much much simpler than one I found in your support forums. That should make it easy for me, and since I’ve disabled the regular new post panel with Adminimize, there shouldn’t be any more unassociated posts created.

  4. The script worked like a charm. Almost. Because of the limit to the number of posts output by WP_Query by default, I was only getting ten items per category handled. I had to add the following before cat=… in the WP_Query function call: “posts_per_page=-1&”. This makes all posts of that category get added to “The Loop”. I’ll try to contact you some other way in case you don’t see this post.

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