I went to my cousin Paul’s wedding this evening. Congratulations Paul and Kimmi.

The ceremony was good, fairly casual and on the humorous side. It was outside on a rainy day, but the rain let up perfectly to allow for the ceremony, after we wiped off our seats.

Food was good. They had an interesting appetizer of pulled pork and mashed potatoes in a tiny martini style glass. A small salad and roll, then breaded chicken, beef, mashed potatoes, and pasta made for a very filling dinner.

Dancing followed which I watched but did not partake in.

This was the first wedding I’ve been to in years. The last one was probably my friend Dwight’s years back. I wore the suit I bought for that wedding to Paul’s. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find either of my pairs of dress shoes after searching for an hour or more last night, so I had to buy some new ones on my way to the wedding.