Web Developer

I am a web developer, making websites for a living. I do contract work for Cogneato in Akron, Ohio, where I do full stack development, including front- and back-end LAMP stack development, basic server administration, and other tasks. I also develop things as a hobby and occasionally for other clients. Once a year, I work on a site (or two) at GiveCamp.

I enjoy web development and am particularly interested in build processes and code organization. I have some level of interest in most areas of the web field though. I try to keep up to date with the never-ending stream of information, tools, options, and news.

At Cogneato, I started out mostly doing front-end development, cutting up layouts and converting them to HTML and CSS, but ended up just as much involved with back end development and server maintenance. I work with and on the company's proprietary CMS to create and maintain websites for many businesses and organizations of varying sizes. Examples include:

I've also worked on a handful of phone applications using PhoneGap. The most notable would be a voting application for High Arts Festival (see Android app or iOS app).

I frequently am working in/with:

To a lesser degree, I work or have worked with:

You can see some of my personal code in my github repos. Examples include a JavaScript class system and library / codebase, and a Symfony project starting point and helper bundle. These are not to a stable point, but I do use the JS stuff for projects at Cogneato.

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