I finally bought some new shoes. My previous pair were several years old, and had holes in them for maybe 2. I got wet feet walking outside when it rained one too many times, and the pair caught my eye when I stopped at the shoe aisle while at the store for something else.

I bought the Dr. Scholls Trail Bungee shoe. Things that drew me:

  • They have partial leather uppers with some mesh for breath-ability (I like the idea of leather but worry about them being stuffy)
  • They have the bungee pull style laces instead of tied laces (much faster than tying). They can be slipped on (I was doing this with my previous shoes, tucking the laces into the bottom, but this wasn’t great).
  • They have Dr. Scholls insoles (I’ve been wanting more cushioning).
  • They were fairly cheap.

So far I like them alright. They’re fairly comfortable, though not as cushy as they first seemed. Still much cushier than my worn out old pair.

They’re more of walking shoes than running shoes, so I’m still keeping my old ones for running purposes, as well as mowing the grass and other dirty tasks. They should suffice for running though if needed.