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Eclipse day

Eclipse totality has come and gone where I am. Good show, worth the price of admission. Really cool at totality, a dark circle with bright edge and glow radiating out a bit. Dusk-like sky. Peepers.

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Happy Eclipse Day. As I unterstand it, it has recently started over somewhere in the middle of the Pacific. It’s sunny here right now, so hopefully when it gets here in a few hours it still is and we get a good eclipse. Hope everyone in its path gets a good show.

My Moto X phone, a stand-in for my non-functioning Pixel 3a, scared me by force shutting down and then getting stuck in a reboot loop for a bit. That’s too similar to the behavior of the Pixel. Luckily, plugging it into a different USB charger and giving it time, the problem resolved itself and it has been running fine for almost a full day. Hopefully, that keeps up, as I still haven’t gotten the Pixel going or figured out what I want for a new phone.

The weather has been positively spring-like. Some of the bulb plants in my yard have been sprouting and some of the snow-drops I planted this past fall have actually been blooming already. I’ve been trying to spend extra time outside, especially when the sun is out.