Being stuck on my Moto X has somewhat forced me to use my phone less, which has in many ways been pleasant. Less constant input and need to be “doing something”, more focus on where I am and what’s happening in front of me. Less screen time and eye fatigue, more intentional usage.

There are many reasons the Moto X limits my usage, including:

  • cracked screen is hard to see stuff on
  • old OS can’t install many apps
  • buggy, slow loading of websites, some don’t work partially or at all
  • actions and interactions can be slow at times
  • old battery doesn’t last super long, cuts out without warning, though surprisingly can make it through the day if I don’t use it a lot
  • don’t really want to spend too much time setting up if I’m getting a new phone
  • fear of it dying completely at any time after my boot-loop incident

Using less makes now me wonder about the value of spending a lot of money on a new phone that I want to limit usage of.