Web Developer

I make websites for a living. I am a web developer in Akron. I do contract work for Cogneato, where I do full stack development, including front- and back-end development as well as basic server administration and other tasks. I used to intern at RPM International. I also develop things as a hobby and occasionally for other clients. Once a year, I work on a site (or two) at GiveCamp.

I enjoy web development and am particularly interested in build processes and code organization. I have at least some interest in most areas of the web field though. I try to keep up to date with the never-ending stream of information, tools, options, and news.

At Cogneato, I started out mostly doing front-end development, cutting up layouts and converting them to HTML and CSS, but ended up just as much involved with back end development and server maintenance as the job has required. The company uses a proprietary CMS to create and maintain websites for many businesses and organizations of varying sizes.

I frequently am working in/with:

To a lesser degree, I work or have worked with:

I work on the CMS that drives the sites Cogneato builds and have done some or all of the initial and/or continued development work on countless sites. Some of the more notable / interesting sites are:

I've also worked on a handful of phone applications using PhoneGap. The most noteable would be a voting application for Akron Art Prize (see Android app or iOS app).

You can also see some of my code in my github repos, where I work on code that I use for projects at my job and/or my personal projects. Examples include a JavaScript class system and library / codebase, and a Symfony project starting point and helper bundle. These are not to a stable point, but I do use the JS stuff in my projects at Cogneato.

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