Hello there, web surfer. I am Toby Mackenzie of Northeast Ohio. Welcome to my little stop on the information superhighway. I hope you enjoy your visit. Come on in. Find out more about me or my web development career. Visit my web-pipe to find out what's happening in Toby land.

Me in brief

  • I currently live and work in Akron.
  • I build websites for a living, as a LAMP-stack developer.
  • I am introverted / quiet / shy.
  • I like computers, music, hiking, shows / movies / books, old video games, &c.
  • I value freedom of expression, autonomy, equalization of power, environmental preservation, sharing of knowledge and effort, &c.

My online presences

Et cetera

Be excellent to each other
- Abraham Lincoln
& Ted "Theodore" Logan,
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
… artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.
In my career I've found few people are truly evil, most are just too far disconnected from the effects of their actions. Until someone reconnects them.
- Marcus Hutchins via Wired interview
Having something requires giving something else up.

Interesting things

Have / Experienced

  • Cleveland Caveliers: Cleveland basketball
  • Coop travel pillow: very comfortable travel-sized memory foam pillow with adjustable fill level
  • Columbo DVD series: classic TV detective
  • Three Thirty Six hoodie: My favorite hoodie with no dangling hood-pulls
  • Mr. Robot: hacking themed TV show with mental health spin
  • Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color: Color eInk device running Android
  • Github: allowing me to share my code easily
  • Phillip K. Dick: classic sci-fi writer
  • tea

Interested in

  • framework is making a laptop that is user servicable / upgradable, with parts readily available from their marketplace.
  • Purism is making the Librem 5 phone, a phone running Linux, with a privacy focus including phyiscial switches, upgradable baseband, mostly open firmware.
  • sunrise alarm clock