Hello there, web surfer. I am Toby Mackenzie of Northeast Ohio. Welcome to my little stop on the information superhighway. I hope you enjoy your visit. Come on in. Find out more about me or my web development career. Visit my web-pipe to find out what's happening in Toby land.

Me in brief

  • I currently live and work in Akron.
  • I build websites for a living, as a LAMP-stack developer.
  • I am introverted / quiet / shy.
  • I like computers, music, hiking, shows / movies / books, old video games, &c.
  • I value freedom of expression, autonomy, equalization of power, environmental preservation, sharing of knowledge and effort, &c.

My online presences

Et cetera

It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.
- Captain Picard, Star Trek
In my career I've found few people are truly evil, most are just too far disconnected from the effects of their actions. Until someone reconnects them.
- Marcus Hutchins via Wired interview
I try to be right in whatever I say
Deeper feelings recur again and again and again and again
A complex spiral leads me to spin
I want to live
To see the earth turn one more time
I want to live
To feel a hand that isn't mine
- Talking Heads
Having something requires giving something else up.