Toby's Log

When I was young, vacationing at Sandusky Bay, I saw a few big, bright and colorful meteors. They were red, green, and white, and kind of like a small sideways firework, slower and longer lasting than a normal meteor. Afterward, I often wondered if I had really seen that or if my mind had just exaggerated. But tonight, on my drive home, I saw another one. It was green and white and big, really cool looking. Hopefully I get to see more.

Homebrew `composer` 2.6.x failing

For some reason, the Homebrew version of composer hasn’t been working recently, either 2.6.1 or 2.6.2. So I’ve manually grabbed the phar from and replaced the file it was getting. I’m running the latest MacOS and up to date Homebrew, PHP, and Composer on an Intel Macbook Air. When I would run composer, I would get an exception

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