Toby's Log

Porkbun DNS seems to be down and has been so for the last several hours at least. I have added Fastmail nameservers to my NS list so that things work for the moment, since I get that as part of my account there. Can’t for my client though, who I had recommended Porkbun to.

2022 Tax Day

Another year of struggle with doing income taxes is past. It is always stressful and wears me out. There’s always some new issue that comes up. This year, both TurboTax and H and R Block, who I’ve used through Free File in the past, have left that program, so I decided to give a go at filling out the forms manually and then submitting the final results through the Free Fillable Forms. I used my forms from previous years as guides to what forms and fields were relevant. I certainly ran into issues, but got it done. It feels good to have it finished, and I feel happier with the results.

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April Fools

I have made my first (I believe) April fools feature for my website. On April 1st, the page will spin around 360° on load and every time the user clicks. It’s a quick script I threw together this evening after deciding I wanted to finally do something for the day, as a number of websites do such things. It didn’t come together as smoothly as I hoped, which made me all the more determined to get something in place before the end of the day.

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