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Today, I ran over and killed some sort of mammal with my car. It darted out from the side of the road and went under the side of my car. I only got a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t get a chance to do anything before it went under my tire. I think it was a possum. I only remember killing a mammal once before, a raccoon at night when I was in high school. A sad occurrence. A side affect of our popular mode of transportation.

Bird rescue attempt

Today (yesterday), I spent around three hours getting a bird detached from a tree in the back yard. It was just hanging there from its leg, and it was hard to tell how it was attached. It was pretty high up and not reachable with any pole-like implements we had available from my ladder. My roommate helped for a while, but had to leave for work. I eventually succeeded in getting the bird down using two ropes, one put in place by throwing with a Kong dog toy on the end, the other raised with a garden tool tied to a stick. The ladder wasn’t entirely stable with the long combined pole, and the rope-throwing took many tries. I used the rope to break the branch, causing the bird and branch to fall. The branch was still alive, so the operation took a while even after I got both ropes in place. I set up some yard-waste bags and a towel below the bird to soften its landing.

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