My friend’s dad and my coworker’s step-mom both died this week. They were both not that old and it was unexpected.

My friend lives in Texas, and my coworker’s step-mom lived in Texas. My coworker lives in Canton (Ohio), and my friend’s dad lived in Paris (Ohio), not far from Canton.

I encountered Tim, my friend Dwight’s dad, several times in my life through events with Dwight, often in connection with our band. He had a deep voice, intelligence, and a certain kind of humor. I went down this past evening to the calling hours. Spent some time there with Dwight and a couple of our mutual friends who went as well. My friend seemed alright, but still somewhat in disbelief.

I remember Dwight saying his dad had said there were better songs on Golden Earring’s album The Continuing Story of Radar Love than “Radar Love”. I just happened to have listened to songs from that album a number of times recently, and it was a number of other songs than “Radar Love” that drew me each time.

I did not know my coworker’s step-mom. He seemed fairly upset by her death. He took off some time already and will probably need to take off some more. He also may go down to Texas to spend some time with his dad and work remotely for a while.

I hope them and their families get through this well.

It’s been kind of a weird week.