I’ve been struggling with my sleep during this lockdown. It’s been getting harder and harder to fall asleep and I’ve been succeeding later and later. I’ve always struggled with this, but was doing better for a while.

I think the monotony of spending almost all my time at home hasn’t helped. There’s likely some stress from the situation having a negative impact. Naps in the evening become harder to avoid, but then make it harder to get to sleep early. The naps and trying to take advantage of daylight and trying to get to stores during their reduced hours have pushed dinners later. Thoughts about things and a desire to get more done or read more news help keep me awake. Allergies and itchiness have been getting worse.

I started taking melatonin occasionally maybe half a year ago. It’s seemingly become less and less effective over time, though it still does seem to help some.

Sounds like the lockdown will be easing up in a couple weeks. Hopefully my sleep patterns start improving then if not before.