I’m quite glad to see labels (similar to GMail’s) are finally landing in Fastmail. They’re essentially the same as being able to put one email into multiple folders, allowing more advanced organization. I’ve been waiting for them for some time. Ever since I discovered them in GMail, I thought them a much better system and have made heavy use of them there.

The feature is still in beta, but is supposed to be fully launching sometime this month. So far in my testing it has worked quite well, once I’ve figured it out. The instructions confused me, but they must be turned on in ‘Settings > Preferences > Mail > Organize Messages With: Labels’. A menu button will then appear at the top when viewing an email called “Labels”. For keyboard users, you can hit ‘l’, type each label name and hit return, then hit ‘Cmd/Ctl-return’ to finalize (they don’t get added just by checking). There’s a create label button at the bottom. So it’s largely similar to GMail’s, with a few minor differences.

If it can import with labels from GMail, I will probably migrate my G Suite account over, making for one less account. That will also allow me to do some desired changes with my domain / DNS.