Dreamhost 200 status log conclusion

I decided to contact Dreamhost about my Apache logs showing 200 statuse codes for all mod_rewrite responses. It took seven back-and-forths to get across what was happening, discuss options, and conclude that “DreamHost systems are configured with a default environment meant to meet the most common webapp and customer requirements”. Continue reading Dreamhost 200 status log conclusion

Dreamhost, mod_rewrite, and logged status codes

I’ve done some more testing on the problem I mentioned before of all requests showing up as 200‘s in the Apache log on my Dreamhost shared server. I’m pretty sure it’s specific to their mod_rewrite module. Continue reading Dreamhost, mod_rewrite, and logged status codes

Hey fellow website makers: If you meta refresh to a generic JS message URL for your noscript users, they will see the same message, not your article, if they enable JS. They will then have to go back to the original link again, if they’re willing to put that much effort in to seeing your article. See this great ohio.com article for an example. That page variable might make you think, if they had a proper value, it’d take you to the proper page when JS is enabled, but no, there’s no JS on the page at all. Also, who is ‘Burlington Hawkeye’?