I did vote yesterday. And I’m glad with the results: Ohio rejected the amendment. At 57% nay, not quite as resounding as I would’ve hoped, but still pretty solid. I’m sure with that difference they will not hesitate to run it again.

They moved my polling place twice in the span of a year. I was excited that my polling place was moved to the church right near me for the May vote. It is pretty much right down the street from my house. Google Maps puts it at a 6 minute walk, but it would be an easy 6 minutes. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain that day, so I didn’t even get to walk it. For this vote, I got moved to a different church that is right next to my original polling location. Google Maps puts it at 15 minutes walking, but that would be a pretty fast power walk. It took me even longer because I didn’t take the fastest route. So I ended up passing both my previous polling locations walking there. I’m not sure who plans this, Akron, Summit, Ohio, whoever, but it seems like it would make sense to put the precincts with the locations closest to them.