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404 with autofilling form

Inspired by a tweet by @simevidas about a 404 page search form, I decided to finally replace Symfony’s default 404 page on my site. The tweet was about an example site’s 404 pages that take pieces from the URL path to populate a search field. Upon seeing it, I immediately thought how easy it would be to implement a simple version of that.

I had been thinking of customizing my 404 for a while, but stopped trying because Twig doesn’t seem to know about bundle paths in the error pages, preventing me from extending the “base” template in my bundle. I still didn’t find a solution for this, so the 404 page has an unstyled look, but I wanted to capture the search form idea while it was on my mind.

Looking into 404 best practices, I found three things that I wanted on mine: branding, guidance / next steps for the user, and small size / low power.

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