First Post

My first posting. Right now, not a whole lot of current stuff is happening that is interesting. It’s the summer, and I’ll just write about what I’ve done so far.

Earlier this summer, I went on a bicycle ride called GOBA for the second time. Over 3000 people went again. It was again a lot of fun. I packed all my gear on my bicycle and rode it with me, instead of using the truck like most people do. I like it that way. I’m ready for next year.

I’ve moved to a new place of residence in June, Indian Valley Apartments in Kent. Its a fairly nice place, and cheap. I think I’ll like it. I haven’t been up there much since I stay at my parents house a lot because it is so much closer to my job. I’m hoping to eliminate all this travel back and forth. I don’t like living in two different houses. I have to move my stuff back and forth, and I never have all my stuff in one place.

This also makes it difficult for one of my summer projects, which is to eliminate everything that I don’t so a reasonable need for. I’d like to get all my possessions down to few enough that I could transport them all in a single trip in a mini-van. I’ve been planning on making some more transportable furniture,since that is the majority of the volume of my possessions. I do have a lot of junk, so this task will be difficult.

I haven’t been very successful at my other summer goals yet (although, really, I haven’t been successful at that one either). I had plans to start flight training, which certainly will not pan out now. I won’t be able to get through classes in the month before school starts, and haven’t even found any options for places to take them. Its dissappointing, since I had actually planned to do it the summer before, but never got around to it then either. I’m hoping that by the end of the summer I will have at least found the best place to go and when I will be able to fit it into my schedule.

I had planned to take CPR and first aid classes this summer as well. I may still have a chance at that, but I doubt it. I need them for my major though, so I really am going to have to hurry on them. If I don’t do them by the end of the summer, I’ll have to do them during classes.

Another goal of mine was to learn to sail. That was also a plan that I was going to do last summer but never got around to it. The biggest problem there is finding and getting a boat. I guess the best way to get a cheap sailboat is to find a used one in the classifieds. I’ll have to start looking in those. We were (me and my brother) contemplating making a boat, but determined that we ought to at least learn how to sail so that we know what a sailboat needs before undertaking that project.

I also had some computer related goals of working on my programming and building this website. I’ve done almost no programming, but I guess I’m fine with that since I’ll be taking a class here soon. My web page still is not really anything, which is very disappointing considering all the time I’ve put into it already. That’s about all the major goals I had going into this summer. I’ve got very little done. I hope to get at least one major item done by the end so I can at least feel somewhat accomplished in my getting things done.

I have done a good bit o work on me car so far. I recently replaced the front part of my exhaust system, replaced the gasket on my oil pan, and replaced bit of the fuel return line to the gas tank that had been dripping gas at a pretty steady rate, which were all a time consuming hastle. I just today replaced one of my front speakers as well. It had been making a loud buzzing noise. Removing the door panel was quite difficult. I am hoping to someday build my own car or drastically modify an already built car to make it to my liking. There are so many things wrong with any car model out there that I really think this is the best way. Of course, knowing me, I doubt if I’ll ever get around to it. I have also accomplished making some money this summer, as I have been working quite a bit.