Brakes went out

Wow. My first time. The brake line to one of my rear tires developed a hole, allowing my break fluid to leak out. My brakes at first would grab, then sink toward the floor. The sinking slowly become more and more significant until it would reach the floor and the brakes would stop grabbing if I were stopped long enough. Then it got to the point where the breaks did nothing at all. I used the emergency brake and engine braking (thank goodness for the manual transmission) to come to a stop, but I still required quite a bit of stopping distance. At my uncle’s house, we found which line it was and crimped it to stop/slow down the leak. It worked for a while to keep enough fluid, but there was of course air in the lines, so my brakes still didn’t do much. The leak was also significant enough that after I got home, when I went to go back out, the brakes didn’t work at all again. It’s kinda scary being unable to easily stop. I’m gonna try to fix that soon. I may have to stay at my parents house for a bit (I’m unable to work on my car at my house because of the stupid park rules) and cycle to work while working on the car.