rough waters last week, this week no trip

The title sums it up well. Last Wednesday, me and Paul went out to sail, but the waves were quite rough. They were said to be 3-5 feet. I feel they were worse than the time we went out with Joey and Vince, though he says they were better: it may be because of the additional weight provided by the two. We rolled quite a bit to the side at times, worrying me. When with Joe and Vince, I wasn’t very worried. We motored about for a bit. I did some motoring as well. It was quite difficult in the waves, and I felt uncomfortable doing it. I then motored back down the river. I attempted to dock, but had lots of trouble. I tried a couple of times, but found it too difficult to shift the gearing of the motor while carefully manuevering the boat.

This week, Paul is doing some mill-wright training. He will be doing that instead of sailing during the day today. He’s sailing with Ally at 1700, but I will probably not have enough time to do that and make it back in time for my band’s show. I instead will be going on a long biking trip up in my old neighborhood of Lakewood. I miss the friends and life I had there. I want to see what happened.