Car is mine now

By title anyway, the Corrolla is now mine (I still have to pay my brother for it though). My dad got the power of attorney notarization to allow me to transfer it from his name to mine. I did for only $7 (cash only, so I part of that was some sticky change left over from my brothers stay in the car). I also needed plates and an e-check though. I sillilly got temp plate first, figuring I wouldn’t have enough time to get an e-check and come back to the license bureau (I had gotten the title transferred first in the first place because I was even worried I wouldn’t have enough time to get the e-check then get to the license bureau, plus I wasn’t sure if I could get the e-check before transferring the title), but I surprisingly was able to make it all the way to the e-check place and back to get real plates with time to spare. I technically only needed the temp plate for about two hours, then, but I left it on for now to get a little more use out of the $10 spent on it. So this is the first car I’ve had actually in my name, and the second title I own, (in addition to my house). One less dependancy to have to worry about. I’ll have to transfer the insurance to my own account soon enough.

My brother got a new car, a little civic in amazingly good condition, only 44k miles, for only $2600, so I won’t have to worry about him trying to get the corrolla back. He’s getting the Volvo (a car he’d purchased maybe two months ago that since has gotten in a wreck and then had electrical problems) fixed professionally to operable condition, so he’ll have two cars as well. I guess my dad may actually be considering using it for a little while, as his truck is having problems.

My other car is still in need of brake line repairs, but it will have to wait for more important matters to be taken care of, such as the car I’m driving and my house (I really would like to have hot water before winter comes along).