End of an era

I’m no longer the drummer for the Yars, even the temporary drummer. Last Wednesday, I went to the ECC ready to play. Dwight and Rockwood told me that Jessie was going to play the show. So I already played my last show and didn’t realize it at the time. At least it was a fairly cool last show, with the power going out at the very end of our last song. I helped the Yars, which no longer includes myself, move their equipment in. I for the first time ever, was an audience member of the show. It’s a bit different that way; I am able to pay much more attention to what John and Dwight look and sound like. It was strange. They seemed a bit uncomfortable, probably because of the new drummer.

Jessie seems to be a fine replacement for me, and will probably do the Yars good. He only practiced with them twice, but was able to play along well. He played very strongly and kept the beat well. He’s also quite good at throwing in fills. He didn’t know the structures of the songs well yet, including when they ended, but he caught on to changes fairly quickly. Once learns the songs a little better, I’m confident he will tune the parts so they sound very good with the music, and will drive the songs much better than I did.

Watching, I was somewhat glad to be done. The songs seem so fast listening to them, and I couldn’t imagine playing that fast, even though I had for so long. Hopefully with my increased free time, I’ll be able to get some other stuff done now that really needs doing.

I like many of Dwight’s songs a good bit, some which we never played since we got John and became the Yars, so I shall still be coming to shows. I also want to see how Jessie is doing, and see how the songs change with him as lead drummer. I’ll also work on their web page stuff a bit, though for now I don’t know what to do with that. I hope fans enjoyed my part in the Yars, and hope they continue to enjoy the Yars now that I’m a fan as well.