More mice captured

I’ve captured two more mice now. The first was very smart and was able to figure out how to pull the cracker out of the trap. She did this a few times before I put the cracker standing up against the back of the trap. This was far enough in that she couldn’t get at it without the door closing behind her, so she was trapped. I took her immediately to the park, as I figured I’d have the same trouble as with the last one if I kept her for the night. I had trouble getting the door opened at first to release her. I flipped the cage upside down so it could open, and thought it was, so I was confused as to why she wouldn’t leave. I tried to pour her out, only to realise she was squeezed against the door.

The next mouse I caught in that same trap. I had hear they wouldn’t go into a trap that hadn’t been cleaned, as they’d smell the other mouse, but this one did. He made some noise trying to get out, which woke me up. He was a rather large fellow. Released him quickly and easily. He sped off quite quickly.

Both these mice I took quick shots of in the trap. I wasn’t able to take any pictures of them outside while releasing like I had with the first, as it was quite dark and would have been a challenge.

I’ll have to see if I’ve still got more to take care of. Since trapping the second mouse, they (or it) have been much more quite and sneaky than before.