I went and saw a movie created by a friend of mine from high school, Matt Pallotta. He was always interested in making movies. This one was the first he’d consider professional, and the first made by his company Red Duck Pictures. It was at the auditorium of Cuyahoga Falls High School. There was quite an impressive turnout, filling much of the auditorium. I saw several Woodridge people there, some of whom were involved with the film. He said he was impressed by the turnout as well.

The movie was a romantic comedy. I’m not a big fan of those in general, but the film still was fairly funny at times. The production quality was quite good. The film stock looked of rather good quality, and it could easily have been confused with a regular high budget film, at least of 90s vintage. The shots were mostly set up well and didn’t have the jumpshots common in low budget films. It did seem to move a little slowly at times, but I find many films to move too fast. Makeup looked rather natural and real. The music, composed for the film, was also rather good. The speech was a bit hard to understand at times. Overall, I was rather impressed.

The humor one should expect from Matt Pallotta.