Vacation 06: Maine

Last week I went to Maine. I went with Jamie and his girlfriend Chelsie. This was supposed to be our annual cousin kids trip. Unfortunately, Ally had taken off too much time from work for other engagements. Paul has no control over his work schedule. Neither were able to go. So it really wasn’t a cousin kids trip.

We went to the cabin of my cousin Kristen. We don’t see her much, since she lives in Maine. Last year, at Mimi’s funeral, she invited us up.

I packed Saturday and finished Sunday morning. I took all my stuff with me and left some at the parents house while I went to work. I worked pizzas from noon to 9 or 9:30. When I got off, I picked up my stuff from the parents, then went over Jamies. I sewed some pants and ate a bit of food while Jamie and Chelsie got ready. We stuffed all the stuff in Jamie’s little Civic hatchback. We put most of the stuff in the feet area of the back seat and then folded the seat-back down to make a large bed area. Jamie drove first. I was in the back. It was quite uncomfortable to sit up back there. We went to Macedonia to get gas. We then headed to 271. Unfortunately Jamie got on 271 South. We had to go all the way to the next exit to turn around. Then we were off.

I couldn’t get to sleep too well. Chelsie had some Dramamine, so she fell asleep easily. I talked to Jamie or tried to sleep while we drove up 271, then got on 90. We saw a vehicle with a brightly lit license plate; Jamie thought it might be a police car, so he slowed down. We were behind it for quite some time. We slowly gained on it. As we got closer and closer, it became more and more apparent that it wasn’t a police car. It was in fact a mini-van with a wheel-barrow strapped to the top, and a bunch of junk in the back to boot. We then sped up and passed him. Somewhere in Pennsylvania, I fell asleep. I woke up in New York. I probably was asleep for a half hour.

Jamie drove until we needed gas. Mine was the next shift driving. I found it rather difficult to drive for a while. I was a bit tired and every mile seemed to take a while. Jamie and Chelsie were both asleep. Dawn came though, and at about 100 miles into my drive, the sun was up and I could see my surroundings. This helped the drive immensely, and the miles seemed to go by with ease. I got to see the sunrise, then trees and farms and plenty of other good stuff.

To be appended