back to school

Well, this semester I started taking some classes again. I’m just taking three at Tri-C. I’m obviously doing nothing with my Hospitality Management degree, and have kinda lost interest in that, at least for now. So I’m considering getting some sort of web development / design degree.

Web design is loaded with freelancers, so I could potentially work without being tied down to a job, or make some extra money on the side. I could move around at will without worrying so much whether I could get a job where I’m going, though restaurants are pretty much everywhere as well. I could even potentially live on a sailboat, sail around, and do some freelance jobs whenever I need to at the nearest port.

I know many people learn web design on their own, but I need something to pull me into the industry. I’m hoping that Tri-C will have some sort of job placement program to help me find a job. I could work there a while to get experience that would help get me freelance work later. I’m also not capable enough in my web development / design after all the time I have spent on it myself. I think the classes will help fill in some gaps.

So anyway, I’m taking one web related class and two in other areas in which I have interest. The one is a Database Applications, which uses Access. I have learned a good bit about how to do stuff in Access. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply that to MySQL and PHP. The other two are an intro to psychology and songwriting. I’ve always been very interested in psychology and have read a lot on the subject, I’ve just never taken any classes on it. The class is filling in some basic stuff that helps me understand some of the stuff I’ve been reading. The songwriting: I’ve always been interested in music. I’ve been messing around on the piano for a while now, writing out short bits that sound cool, but they are nowhere near being songs. I’d like to be able to turn them into something more usable.

So hopefully the semester will go alright. So far it’s been going well, and I’ve gotten decent or good grades on everything so far. I’m trying to concentrate more on the material than the grades now: I can only remember bits and pieces from my previous education. I have to miss one week of classes to visit my brother in Seattle.

And I still have to talk to a counseler or someone to help me determine if I want to continue on.