Questions to ask the client

In this class, we will be working on updating the site for a historical farm in the area.Β  We are coming up with questions to ask them about the site we will build for them. We must use these questions to find out their needs effectively. To do se we need to be good communicators.

Questions should uncover:

  • Target Audience
  • Style
    • Examples: Get examples of 3 sites they like or would be what they are going for
    • Branding: logo, colors, etc that the organization uses to identify itself
  • Content
    • Priorities for content, functionality
    • Objectives
    • who will provide writing, images
  • Technology and hosting
    • Cost
    • Database
    • Scripting
    • other features
  • Target audience
  • Dollars
  • Timeline
  • Peers & Competition