Training Again

Since I am not in school or working at the moment, I think I am going to learn some more using, with a normal subscription this time. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some skills that will help me get a job, or maybe help make me more attractive for freelance work.

Lynda isn’t as much into development as design courses, but they do have some that’ll help me. I plan to learn Drupal, Joomla, and ASP.NET, which are popular items in the job postings I find. I could learn some of this without paying any money, but Lynda I can just sit and go through without searching and reading random articles or reading large books, and I can still do those as well if the Lynda course isn’t giving me enough.

I considered picking up a class or two at Tri C. However, one class would cost more than a year of Lynda, and the classes are on a rigid time schedule, not at my own pace where I can start and stop as I please. The classes I wanted are all online there anyway, so I wouldn’t get the classroom benefit.

Besides for sending my password to me plain text in an email (not only providing possibilities of that being captured, they’re obviously not hashing), I also am concerned about the cancellation process. They don’t give much information about it. I wrote them this note, we’ll see what they say:

Dear Accounts and Billing, I am in need of additional information about canceling an account (subscription sort). A FAQ link, only visible on this page, says to click a link called “cancel membership”, but I’m not sure if this is immediate or offers more details. The short story entitled “Terms and Conditions” suggests that I cancel by sending written notification within a three day window, but does not mention any other method, other than abnormal or inappropriate behavior. None suggest anything about proration. So, what are the details of cancellation and must I do it at a certain time (ie the last day before renewal) to avoid paying for services not rendered. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide. Toby

At the least, this will give me a bit more to do. Not that my house and my car aren’t willing to give me plenty to do, nor the canine project and my own website, but I do need to do something that might help me with getting a job. My savings are quickly draining away.

[Update] Someone from Lynda sent me a response. They assured me that it is easy to cancel a subscription from the web interface and that the subscription will last until the end of the pay period. Very nice. I have been Lynda’ing a fair amount. [/update]