Cogneato: Lost a Developer

At my place of work, Cogneato, we recently lost one of our developers. It’s kinda sad because I talked to him the most out of the people there. I was also feeling somewhat comfortable with the number of people there. Sometimes I had to look for things to do, but now there will probably be more than enough for me. I will be taking over parts of what he did, so I will be doing more back-end type development. My job at RPM was much more in the back-end area, so it shouldn’t be much trouble. I will get to work on and learn about our CMS, which will give me much more knowledge about building them. I’ve been trying to build my own for a long while now, and this will give me a lot more capability to do so. They have been upgrading the CMS to use Qooxdoo, a framework for web applications, so I will be learning that as well. I’ll probably post some of what I learn with that here. Hopefully it won’t be too hard for me to jump into this upgrade in the middle of it. With this change, I will also be getting more of various tasks such as development type fixes and solutions for sites, upgrading the CMS for older sites, and dealing with server issues. And possibly I’ll move away from doing SEO and some other more front-end tasks. I’ll probably continue doing layouts, most likely handing them off to others earlier though, dealing less with the content and specifics.

Hopefully this change will work out for the better. And hopefully our lost developer will do alright wherever he ends up.