Web app manifest, first go

I’ve added a basic web app manifest to my site. I have not experimented with the results, but I did run it through a web manifest validator mostly to success. I used the MDN guide and the HTML5 doctor article for help. I also read some of the in-progress spec, though it seemed more implementer-friendly. The content of my manifest is currently (prettified):

    "background_color": "#4e784e"
    ,"display": "browser"
    ,"icons": [
            "sizes": "64x64"
            ,"src": "favicon.gif"
            ,"type": "image\/gif"
    ,"lang": "en-US"
    ,"name": "Toby Mackenzie\u0027s site"
    ,"scope": "\/"
    ,"short_name": "\u003Ctoby\u003E"
    ,"start_url": "\/"
    ,"theme_color": "#4e784e"

I’m just using Symfony’s JsonResponse object to render a PHP array.

This is one more thing that I really shouldn’t’ve put time into until my site is more fleshed out, but it seemed cool and simple to add.