Library card for Dune

Got myself a library card today for the Cuyahoga County Public Library system. I didn’t realize that they seem to take Cleveland Public Library cards, so I may not have needed it. I haven’t used that card in years though, so may have needed a new one anyway. I had gotten that one when I tried to use my Peninsula library card after years of disuse and got a very surprised reaction from the librarian, like it was some ancient artifact. I think my new card was intended for young children, because it says ‘my first library card’, but I chose it because it was my favorite color and had a cool owl on it.

I’ve been visiting the library for near two years without a card. I’ve mostly been working remotely from there, but recently have started to read some books after work. I recently started the book Dune, and it was interesting enough and seemed long enough and a tough enough of a read (it has a complicated universe and has enough of its own words to have a 31 page appendix) to be better served by taking it home.