This past weekend of three days was dominated by two things: reading of Dune and Independence Day events. I was reading Dune slowly at the library after work, but since I’ve taken it home, my reading has sped up dramatically. I have a habit of getting enthralled by good novels and spending a lot of time reading them, at the expense of other things. I read for many hours and several hundred pages of Dune over the weekend, and that was purposely trying to limit my reading. I like sci-fi and it is a good book so far.

To celebrate Independence Day, I went with my brother and his girlfriend the day before to see the Cleveland Orchestra’s 1812 Overture concert at blossom. They performed the 1812 Overture and two other Russian pieces. They were varied and I liked them. One was a somewhat jazzy piece that was a number of somewhat different movements. Afterward, there was a fireworks display that was also good, and we had a better view than last year.

The following day, we went to my parents for lunch. We had some tasty burgers and pulled-pork sandwiches with corn, beans, and a cucumber-salad (which I didn’t eat). I ate a bit too much and was very satiated. I didn’t go to any fireworks on the 4th, but there were plenty going off in my neighborhood. Between 2100 and 2200, it sounded kind of like a battlefield outside, with booms and whistling fairly continuously in all directions. There were some pretty large fireworks visible over houses and trees, including some from neighbors a few houses down. When they fired theirs, I could hear the loud sound of it shooting from the ground. Over a longer span, there were occasional fireworks starting at least on Thursday night and going until late Monday, maybe a couple the following day.