Rain 2016

This last week, it has seemed to have rained more than it has for the entire previous months of the summer. Up until last Wednesday, it had been so dry that the grass has been brown and hadn’t grown enough in over a month for me to need to mow it. Plants my roommate had bought were struggling even with watering.

Then the rain started with a downpour last Wednesday and has fallen at least a little every day since. A summary interesting rain related things from the week:

  • last Wednesday:
    • Quite a downpour started as I was driving to my parents to have dinner. It was bad conditions for driving, with poor visibility and slick roads at times, debris on the roads, occasional standing or flowing water across the roads.
    • At my parents’, dinner was interrupted to go out and dig a trench and build up an earth barrier to prevent their septic tank from flooding.
  • Thursday
    • It seemed hot but otherwise nice outside when I walked into Chipotlé. I planned to eat outside, but when I got my food and turned toward the windows, I saw another downpour.
    • I was working from the library that day. A thunderstorm came and the power went out. Some young girl had been working on a library computer for a while on a school project, and must’ve lost all her work. The power stayed out for a while so the library closed.
  • the weekend
    • The rain prevented me from doing some outdoor chores and making much progress on my plan to get my bicycle back in working condition.
    • The rain also contributed heavily to me skipping out on a baseball game I was considering going to.

The grass has finally started growing again. It’s turning back to green and is suddenly in need of mowing. My roommate planted some grass seed well over a month ago and only a portion of it had started growing. Now the rest is. There’s still plenty of rain in the forecast.