Ear jam

My ear is clogged. It has been since last Saturday. I’m not sure why. All I can think of is that I was listening to music extra loud on the commute home to help blast away the stress of a traffic jam. It’s a weird sensation, slightly disorienting at times. I can’t hear people or things well on that side. I can hear internal things very well, like chewing, breathing, myself talking, the clicking of my jaw, movement of my face, and ever-present tinnitus. I’ve tried several things so far, and the best I can say is that it might have gotten a little better, but not unblocked. I’ve tried q-tips, vinegar, alcohol, oil, carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and blasting it with water from a bulb thing. I will have to try once more with these. I also saw some little ear brushes that I will buy if the chemical methods fail. And if that fails, I guess I’ll have to go to the doctors. I hope my hearing isn’t damaged, but the clarity with which I hear internal things would suggest otherwise.