Took advantage of the nice weather to go on a nice long hike today (yesterday). Verified that a trail (sort of) goes from Sand Run to behind my house. I noticed the trail before but wasn’t sure if it went all the way. It’s sort of unmaintained, and by the time it is in line with my house, it has petered out to essentially nothing. Along the way, there are some muddy areas on the trail, trees across the trail, a healthy mat of leaves over the trail, and a few brook crossings.

There’s a little trail behind my house going into the woods to the edge of a ravine. I couldn’t see from the top if there was a trail down there. The side of the ravine is fairly steep and leaf covered, difficult to traverse, a good workout.

I followed the trail all the way to right behind my house from Sand Run, but couldn’t tell where my house was from down below. I didn’t want to walk into somebody else’s yard, so I walked all the way back, drove home, and then clambered down from behind my yard to find landmarks I had seen from before. A manhole without a cover, the furthest I had gone on my hike, was pretty much straight back from the ridge behind my yard.

Glad that’s right there for me. Would be nice if it were more easily traversable, but at least it is a good workout.