Went to the Indians game. Turned out to be the final of the year. Disappointed. Especially after their record setting streak. They just struggled. Hopefully they can keep a good team going for next year.

The seats we were sitting at were weird. My seat was at an angle to the seat it was “next to”, so that the guy’s sitting there and my kneespace was overlapping much more than usual.

There was a gap between the seats in the corner that was sort of a squeeze-through alleyway. A woman, and occasionally others, kept going back and forth past me through it, so I kept having to scrunch over to let her through.

We were very close to the field, four rows back, but in the back right field corner. We had a very good view of the right fielder, but not a great view of the infield, mainly because of the people in between.

Lots of standing. I couldn’t see the batter at least half the time, sometimes neither the pitcher nor the batter.

Crowd was kind of back and forth between energy and deflation.

Lots of traffic getting out, very stop and go, and confusing with the cops directing things. Music helped keep me mellow.