Symfony router: check for match on different host

I found myself wanting to check if a given URL path exists on another host of a multi-host Symfony application from within a controller action. The router service, which is the instance of Symfony’s routing component used to route requests to actions, has a match() method, but it only accepts the path part of the URL. It also has a matchRequest() method, but that seems to ignore the HTTP_HOST and SERVER_NAME of the passed Request object.

I discovered that the router, during a request, has a RequestContext object, from which it gets the host value for matching routes. The router’s context is gettable and the context’s host is settable, so it’s just a matter of changing the host, then doing the match():

use Symfony\Component\Routing\Exception\ResourceNotFoundException;
class Controller{
    public action(){
        $router = $this->get('router');
        $routerContext = $router->getContext();
        $requestHost = $routerContext->getHost();
            $haveMatch = true;
        }catch(ResourceNotFoundException $e){
            $haveMatch = false;

The $haveMatch boolean can then be used for whatever logic I want. I am setting the host back to what it was just in case, though it didn’t seem to cause any problems when I didn’t.