Whew: Finished my taxes, at least federal and state. Always a bit nerve-racking.

This time, my biggest issue was that my 1095-A (health insurance form) had 0’s in the SLCSP column. A help link in the tax software I used said “What if my SLCSP is 0?” or something like that, but it always popped up an error message. Search engines yielded a FAQ from healthcare.gov and IRS instructions suggesting I should use this tax tool to find the amount. The instructions weren’t worded in such a way I felt 100% sure I was supposed to use those numbers instead of 0. But I’m pretty sure. It may have been because I moved. It made a huge difference in my taxes. It would’ve been nice if the software provided some help on this.

I actually was able to pay my first quarter estimate and still get some money back this year, probably for the first time since I’ve been an independent contractor. Of course, the returns haven’t been accepted yet….

For Ohio, it seems crazy, because I basically have no tax liability being self-employed.

A relief to have that done early, save for the local taxes, of course.