Sunday night we went bowling again. Me, Jamie, Tiffany. This may become a regular thing. We also played putt-putt and pinball.

Stonehedge’s putt-putt course is a little worse for the wear, but still playable. We didn’t have paper to write on, but I wrote my scores on my phone. If I got them all right, I got a 61 for the 18 hole course. Got one hole in one and two in two.

Pinball, my brother and I switched back and forth on the one machine that has five games for $2, plus gave us an extra game twice. The games went quick though. Seemed too easy for the ball to go right down the middle or over the sides.

We waited for the late bowling, which was $7 for unlimited games. I think I got second or third the two games I played with them. They were tired, so they went home while I continued. I played six total games. I improved after they left, with my highest score being 126. Last time my best was 93.

I kinda started to feel on with my throw more regularly. When I used to play I had worked on certain techniques, and they seemed to be coming back. My six scores were: 103, 85, 105, 123, 116, and 126.