Weird day today. Off work early because of a power outage. I got a message that it was out an hour before I even left for work, but I just took my laptop and figured it would come on at some point. It didn’t before I ran out of battery, so I left.

A coworker called First Energy. They said the power would be on by 1 PM. As I headed to lunch 20 minutes before that, I saw a large group of First Energy trucks working on something about a block away. They were gone when I headed back. They must not have been working on our power.

It seemed like only our building had no power. Other businesses in the building were dark inside and some had signs up like “Closed. Power out”. The building caddy-corner to ours had no lights on either, but I’m not sure if they were open. The traffic lights were going and buildings just one block away definitely had lights on.

I used my laptop and tethered to my phone. I don’t have everything on my laptop that is on my work computer, and it isn’t set up to allow me to work quickly and easily on work stuff, but I was able to get some work done. I was often alone or with one other person most of the time I was there. When I first came in, there were a few others, but some left because they weren’t able to do anything.

There was an especially frequent occurrence of emergency vehicle sirens audible. We usually get them a couple times a day, but it was probably once every ten minutes or something. Not sure what was going on.