It feels good to finally be out of my storage unit. It feels good to be saving almost $100 a month and to no longer have my stuff spread to another location.

I got a unit about 6 years ago to allow me to quickly move out of my mobile home and store stuff for which there was little room at my new abode. I had wanted to go through it over time and get rid of most of it, but that never happened. When I bought my house, basement and garage space for this stuff was something I looked for.

The unit had started at a reasonably cheap $58 a month before taxes. The rate raised every year, usually by $3-5. This year, though, it went up $15, reaching almost $100 with taxes. That was enough motivation to finally move it to that open space in my house.

Every weekend for the past maybe 6 weeks, I went over there and brought one carload home, except one week where my dad came with a second car to help me move some shelves. Yesterday, I picked up the final load and then swept out the place. It was really dusty and I had to step outside a number of times. I spent an hour or more, including sweeping the walls and doors, to be sure they wouldn’t charge me some cleaning fee.

I didn’t review or go through the stuff to a significant degree as I moved it: I just took it from one place to the other. So now I have a mess of stuff in my basement and garage. It got dusty and even a bit moldy in storage, so I will have to do some cleaning. I will go through it slowly over time to get rid of or put where it belongs, as I intended when it was in my storage unit. At least now it is right there for me to work on at any time.

I have way too much stuff. I’ve already mentally marked a ton of it to get rid of, but I’m not sure what to do with much of it that isn’t putting it in a landfill. That’s the hard part, but I shall work through it.