It has been powerfully windy since this morning. Likely the windiest it’s been since I’ve moved to Akron.

As a home owner, I hear the wind roaring and all the flexing and creaking and other noises the house makes, I see the trees swinging wildly, and fear the possible damage. Luckily, I haven’t gotten a lot so far. No significant branches have come down in my yard. I did have a few pieces of the skirting of my deck blow off, and a couple shingles on my garage roof are flapping back. My power went out for maybe 15 seconds, then came back and has only slightly flickered a few times since.

It’s the kind of wind where it can be hard to walk outside at times and slightly scary to go near trees or other things that might become dangerous. I went back in the woods behind my house a couple times and it was a weird feeling. I didn’t leave the yard today because of the wind, spending most of the time inside. I did some cleaning and other tasks that were in need of doing.

It’s windy enough that the pressure changes over my sanitary vents are pulling water out of my toilets.

Hopefully no further damage happens overnight.