I went out to my car today to find the battery dead. I kept clicking my key fob, but nothing was happening. Then, I had remembered turning on the map light the other night to look at something in the glove box. The fancy auto-dimming dome light has got me desensitized to overhead lights being on when I leave the car.

My mom got me this Halo battery pack device that can jump-start cars a few years back. I’ve used it for charging phones, but I believe this was the first time for jump-starting. I would’ve thought with such a small device that it would’ve taken time to charge the battery. Somehow, I only had to run it for like five seconds before its light turned green, and when I got in the car and turned the key, it started right up. Pretty nice.

The car has a built in alarm that goes off when using the key in the door if it has been locked with the fob. I had to use the key to get in while the battery was dead. The alarm started blaring right after the car started up. Luckily, I was quick enough that it only honked twice before I hit the fob button to turn it off.