My wordpress.com redirect seems to have turned itself off at some point before the year term I paid for. The www category of this blog started out as a wordpress.com account. When I moved it to tobymackenzie.com, I purchased a redirect to ensure my visitors and their links would find their way to the new site.

I renewed it three years in a row, but this third time didn’t manage to last the full year. I noticed in February that the redirect wasn’t happening. I don’t really know how long it had been like that. Kinda sucks to not fully get what I paid for.

I had trouble figuring out how to contact wordpress.com support, but found a form in the popup area opened from their help button. It said the message sent, but I never got a reply. I guess that’s wordpress.com support for you.

So I guess any links to that blog will no longer make it to my site. I don’t think I’ve gotten traffic from there in quite a while, but I still would rather it came my way than to my defunct blog. I could shut it down completely, but then link followers would get nothing at all. So I guess I’ll just leave it floating out there for whoever may come across it.

I shut down bots from crawling it so it won’t mess with my SEO.