Done with my taxes, save for mailing the local. Always a relief. I did quite well, getting some refund and first quarter estimates applied to next year, again. This was mostly because I made 30% less than last year though.

There always seems to be a bit of a curve-ball somewhere in there to keep things interesting. This year, the biggest concern was with how Turbo Tax calculated a “Self-employed insurance deduction”. I don’t really know how it got the number it did, but I verified the numbers I entered were all correct, so I’m going to have to assume it is right.

As I have most recent years, I made a last minute contribution to my IRA. I got a notable percentage of it back immediately in tax reductions. It would’ve been nice to use the money now, rather than 30 years from now, but it’s hard to pass by that instant “interest”.

I had been successfully avoiding procrastinating until the last minute in recent years, but didn’t manage this year. This was partly because of an issue with my 1099, but I still could’ve got things going earlier. Maybe I’ll get back on track next year.