Going to StirTrek tomorrow instead of work. Makes it feel a little bit like a Friday night. But then, I have to wake up early for a 2 hour 20 minute drive to Columbus and make it to a seat by 8:30. Not going to get much sleep.

The sessions I’m thinking of are:

  • 0830: ux (mpw), pi (man), junior (edje), devops (sogeti), wasm (oclc)
  • 0945: arch (pillar), a11y (sogeti), tests (mpw)
  • 1100: health (edje), hidden reqs (hmb)
  • lunch
  • 1300: taming (edje), waterfall (sogeti)
  • 1415: bemit (root)
  • 1530: teaching (oclc), jupyter (pillar), cypress (hmb)