The power went out this evening for about 50 minutes. It didn’t really cause me any problems besides perhaps delaying my dinner and some TV watching a bit.

It went out, then flickered on several times before staying out. I may have heard the buzz of a transformer going, but if I did, it was quite far away.

It was windy all day, and started raining a little while before the power went out. It didn’t seem much windier right then though.

I went for a walk in the rain to see if I could figure anything out. I didn’t see any electric company trucks out. The outage did go at least to the surrounding blocks. It went as far as I walked at least: It came back on before I got too far. I headed back home when it came on. It went out again as I approached home, but didn’t stay out long.

As I walked past the nearby convenience store, before the power went out, a man walked near carrying three gallons of milk. He said he got a great price on it because the store owner was worried it would spoil.