My back lawn took over an hour and a half to mow this evening. If the grass weren’t too high or wet, it’d normally take a half hour. But the recent rain and sun and my not getting around to mowing for almost two weeks had let it grow thick and a little tall, and left it a bit moist. Before I started, it seemed only a little past what I would normally let it get to, and seemed fairly dry. Mowing proved otherwise, as my mulching mower deck got clogged up repeatedly and I had to stop and clean it out. I added a sizable pile of clippings to my compost heap.

I had to do several passes to just to cut the grass down to the highest position my mower could do and to get rid of the mulch clumps left behind. The battery of my hybrid mower only did a small percentage of the yard, and I had to plug it in and deal with the cord for most of the way.