I came extremely close to hitting another car on my way to work this morning. An apparent old lady rolled through a red light making a right turn while I was making a left on a green arrow. It went from “This is one of those people who go fast and stop quick at the line” to “This is one of those people who go beyond the line and turn a bit before stopping” to “Uh oh, she’s not stopping” fairly quickly. I had to slam on my brakes, and, tires squealing, came so close I couldn’t really see distance between our cars. I’m not sure how she finished swinging around the turn without touching me. She didn’t look my way or have any apparent reaction, just kept on going. It happened so fast, I didn’t honk my horn. I just took a brief moment to gather my self and let her clear, then started moving again. Following right behind her, for the next minute or two.