Went to the Indians game tonight with my parents. It was a good game. The Indians won.

A would be home run that took a couple minutes to review confused the fans when it was overturned. Apparently, the ball has to hit beyond the yellow line, so if it hits the line, it isn’t a home run. But I swear Detroit had a homer that hit the line too. Anyway, Kipnis still made it home later that inning to score, with a play at the plate that also had a little bit of a review after he slid underneath the catcher and knocked him over as he caught the ball.

Naquin made a great diving catch and then quickly got up to make a great throw to first, getting two outs.

I had seats away from my parents, back in the regular seats side of the home run area. It was a good game for it, because there were quite a few homers as well as outfield plays. I traded seats with my dad for several innings.

There were fireworks afterwards. I was kind of tired to enjoy them as much as normal.

After that, as people were leaving, they had the main entrance blocked off, presumably to tear down and clean up the fireworks stuff. The whole concourse leading there became jam packed with people waiting for what seemed like quite a long time. Some people would occasionally start chants for various Cleveland teams or other things. It became very loud with all those people surrounded by concrete. There was lots of cheering when we finally got to move, and it was a big mash of people all the way until I got across the street and cut into the cemetery.