We had a service of sorts today for my Uncle Joe, who died a couple months back. We met at the graves of his parents, talked a bit, put up a wreath and flag, and spread some of his ashes around the gravestone. We then headed to his grandparents’ graves and did a similar, but shorter, procedure.

Afterwards, we stopped at the house the siblings lived at when they were kids. They went on to drive by their old school buildings, but some of us skipped that part.

We then went to Stancato’s in a private room. We talked and looked at pictures of Uncle Joe and the siblings when they were young. We looked at some awards of sorts given for his organ donations. We discussed his will and the handling of his estate. We ate a delicious and very filling meal: garlic rolls, italian salad, green beans with almonds, potatoes with thyme, pork with kraut, chicken, and desserts (including some, like kolace, that Joe’s mom used to make).

Goodbye, Uncle Joe.